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  The Mirrored Palace     


"The Mirrored Palace" is rich in detail, dialogue and direction, with a multitude of characters, conflicts and cultural references that culminate in an adventure worthy of Burton's legacy. It's an ambitious work, one that clearly benefits from the author's talents as a scribe across multiple platforms. The result is an amalgamation of fact and fiction that's part history and part mystery and celebrates both the height of romanticism and the noble quest for redemption - John Valeri, Strand Magazine

Highly recommended to fans of Graham Greene, John LeCarre and other espionage masters - Joe Meyers


Library Journal delivers the VERDICT on MIDDLE MAN:  Following the money trail described in Rich's debut thriller Caravan of Thieves, Waters is a killer who has a moral side as well. He converses with his dead father, wisecracks with Kurds in their own language, and rarely has a peaceful moment. Rich's screenwriting talents make this all plausible as we follow a labyrinth of violence, deceit, and villainy in which the good guy wins, but the bad guy may reappear later. Lots of fun.—Roland Person

Booklist likes Middle Man: “The danger ramps up steadily, and, of course, there’s a beautiful, mysterious woman involved, as well as action, dead bodies, tribal enmities, and blood politics. It all adds up to a fog of menace, and the nimble Rich keeps the reader guessing.”​

Kirkus Reviews says:  “Rich is a film writer, with a firm grip on pacing, always ready to stop and flesh out characters and then to pull a knife and draw a little blood. Waters is the perfect edgy, flawed hero…Above average action-adventure with a touch of noir. This one is good fun.”--

From Bookotron: 'Middle Man' is both a throwback to the good old days, when the spy novel as we know it was being born, and a mind-whirling look at what's to come. More chaos, lots of dirty hands hooked up to surprisingly clean consciences, and in the middle, a regular guy who never had a chance to be regular. A middle implies layers, and you get lots of them in 'Middle Man.' Few of us feel we are at the top, and nobody wants to be admit being on the bottom. If you're in the middle with Rollie Waters, you're in great company.



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Publisher's Weekly

"Like le Carré’s A Perfect Spy screenwriter Rich's assured first novel explores the relationship between a son and an untrustworthy father. Rich tosses in both humor and surprising plot twists...his characters...are distinctive enough for the reader to care what happens to them."

Read the full review at Publisher's Weekly.​

Kirkus Review

"Rich’s screenwriting skills send Rollie adventuring across the American Southwest, all while being pursued by killers, moles and spies. Although Rich displays a nice touch for descriptive phrasing—“a slurry of chain stores”—it’ll be readers with a taste for Bourne-level action who will be eager for Rollie’s next adventure. An easy-to-root-for hero in a fast-paced thriller makes for entertaining reading."

Praise for David Rich

"A stylish, gritty, breakneck tale, Caravan of Thieves ​had me guessing the whole way. David Rich's terse, hard-boiled prose keeps the story moving faster than a wanted criminal. And the ending is a stunner! Highly recommended!"

—Chris Reich, New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Deception, Rules of Vengeance, and numerous other espionage thrillers. 

"Caravan of Thieves busts right out of the chute and never stops bucking.  It's a rocket-ride and a terrific debut that will leave the reader shaken and gasping for air."

—​C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author of Force of Nature and Back of Beyond

"First page through to the last, Caravan of Thieves was an incredibly entertaining escape and worth every minute."

—​Taylor Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of The Informationist

"A solid debut from a gifted storyteller. Caravan of Thieves builds a labyrinth of deception spanning the deserts of the American Southwest to the deserts of Afghanistan—one part noir thriller, one part father-son tale, and one part adventure saga. Prepare to be ensnared."

—T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

"Caravan of Thieves has everything a reader could desire from a thriller—breakneck pacing, well-rendered action scenes, a vivid setting, a compelling hero, and endless twists."

—Michael Koryta, author of The Ridge

"In his first novel, veteran screenwriter Rich gives us a quick-thinking schemer, a versatile loner, and a likable rogue who's always two steps ahead of the bad guys while trusting no one, not even his father's voice in his head. Like many of Elmore Leonard's protagonists, Rollie is far from pure, but we admire his independence as well as his deviousness. Highly recommended."

—Roland Person, Library Journal

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